63-3 Substantial

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Author AMomentLikeThis
Tags action author:amomentlikethis featured playable rated v1.4b
Created 2010-02-25
Last Modified 2010-02-25
by 9 people.
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Description I don't often use teleporters.

This map was featured on 2012-09-12

For having the most maps on NUMA, AMomentLikeThis has a surprisingly low amount of features. I'm not saying every map deserves a feature, but he's been here long enough to have made more than 9 (now 10) feature-worthy maps. Take "Substantial" for example. Teleporters usually either glitch every other time or get in the way, but not here. AMLT was able to keep it both easier to use but still a challenge to not hit the drones. The timing was great, giving you a fast-paced action or a gentle gold-collecting adventure. We need more maps like this. — Aidiera

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Very fun map :D
@Pizzles: Why not counting zoas feature? Thats nonsense.
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You can explain why you're not counting my feature? Only to know.


You can delete the Life247 demo, TRO. The launchpads are more glitchier than I recall, but it's still super-fun.
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So AMLT now has 9 featured maps.

this map

is great :]


if you hit the side of one of the top pads...


sometimes you get trapped, or undeath outside the arena.. or die..


What do you mean?

faster agd

ABC 774 lol
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pretty good map, but the teleporters were more glitchy than I had hoped.. 3.5 down
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Now faster.
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Slower AGD.
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