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Author Meta_Ing
Tags author:meta_ing ihavenoideahowthismapisgoingtoplay mightbedelisted ratingsdisabled theunratedtagwillstillbethereanywayseventhoughratingsaredisabledperiodperiodperiodmaybethereshouldbeanautomaticdisabledratingstagoranoratingtagifthequotedisableratingsonthismapunquotecheckboxischeckedperiodperiodquestionmark unplaytested unrated
Created 2010-02-25
Last Modified 2010-02-25
Map Data

Description Recently, I saw that ChrisE gave the advice to always playtest your maps, so I did what any sane, reasonable person would do - I completely ignored it. =D

Eh... I have no idea how this plays... If I like it, and other people like it, I'll keep it up. Otherwise I'll delist it.

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Just for fun



that you of all people would have at least tried
plus any demo at all gets a ded on 100 remember?


i remember this. still as tough as the first time though. Nice job with it though. i can at least get to the door triggers xD


what did you think of the changes?
I don't think i've ever submitted a map without playtesting it first :o


This time I went a bit overboard though.

Oh wow srry.



Whenever you're ready to let me see it.


And the gold to the right of the key... The rocket is a little much. IDK
not playtesting your faps usually result in a mess


This was meant as a joke, to be honest. As usual, I'm in a bit of a mappers block, and haven't had any ideas for maps in a while...

I guess this map is ok, playtesting it. It's a little tricky to figure out.