Pipelines Flow, Fishies Swim

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Author miststalker06
Tags agd author:miststalker06 fun hard imagemap nreality rated
Created 2010-02-25
Last Modified 2010-02-25
by 10 people.
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Thrown into the stream of pipes filled with water, you must beware of the rats and polluted items that roam the place. The fish in the water are camouflaged, fast and dangerous. Claim the yellow polluted items and carry them out of the sewer.

Requires nReality for maximum pleasure.
PS: Just watch out.

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Though the image obscures a little too much imo.


"Lets Play Doctor" is one of my favorite image maps <3

but this one nailed it too. Very nice work with the drones and pretty much everything else =)
...or black ninja.


Another epic image-map. Freaken fantastic.
Also, don't use an olive green ninja in this map. It gets really tough.

Without a doubt

The most amazing aesthetics and theming I have ever seen in an image map. Apart from perhaps 'Let's play doctor' by skyray. And really fun too - this is an incredible adventure. It's really hard to pull of a dark themed image without hampering the visibility too much, but you did really well. 5aved.

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i can't see any enemies,is there a light switch anywere? :)




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