64-0 Two maps in one, or something

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Author AMomentLikeThis
Tags action author:amomentlikethis playable rated v1.4b
Created 2010-02-26
Last Modified 2010-02-26
by 9 people.
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Description I'm pretty happy with this one.

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quicker agd.

sweet map! i really enjoyed this level of difficulty.

the only thing i would say is "map 1" lasted a lot longer than "map 2". idk what you would have done differently to change that though.. maybe make some of the gold more get-able on the way back? either way i loved it. 4.5 rounded up.
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neat work

especially with those drones at the beginning <3

Cool Concept!

I like how to drones split after I got the exit terminal! I also like how they rotated in the beginning! So cool! 5aved! :D

Almost AGD:
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Awesome idea. Outcome was a little random though




looka like a kk map... (plays)
and repetitive. I like how the drones move in the beginning though. But it's too long and too much the same thing. And the drone movement after the trap doors felt way too random.
I'd rate this a 2.5 or something.


idk what to rate (there's no option for 6/5), so ill just fave

That bit at the end

was wonderful, an awesome surprise of drones splitting.
It somehow reminded me of Nreality, and for a second there I thought it was.... I find it amazing what you can do with a few drones and a couple of traps.


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