114-3: Torrential Downpour

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Author cucumber_boy
Tags action author:cucumber_boy downpour featured kk playable rated torrential
Created 2010-02-26
Last Modified 2010-02-26
by 14 people.
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Description It's Rain!

This map was featured on 2010-08-25

This takes me back to days of simplicity gone by, like when I was young. Everything was easy and care-free then, but as I got older everything got harder. Then, cucumber_boy created the perfect medicine. Torrential Downpour. This is one of my favorite maps of all time because of how simple, fun, and aesthetically pleasing it is. When some people are feeling down on themselves they do something they enjoy, something to make them feel better: read a book, cry, punch a hole in the wall, etc. Everybody is different…

… but as for me, I play in the rain. — al__cair__raheakallan

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faster than miststalker xD
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i was trying to figure out why i fall and died while trying to get the gold, then i finally figured it out. the golds are placed in such a way that they make us think that there are tiles and not gold. and yea with the easy going and relaxing atmosphere of the map we think that it is so, and die.

i think i was wrong in the last review and would rather think that this map is simply brilliant.

deserves: 4.85/5

Good review.

Aesthetically pleasing map.
hence the cool review.


nice map, this map is a easy going and relaxing map which has a peaceful way around it which also gives a author who wants to hurry and finish the level to finish it faster while if your greedy you can also get the gold..
4 out of 5
congretz and well done!!

beatiful review

beatiful map, awesome.


Sweet 5

That review

is kinda pretty.


I agd'd this and then fell. V_V 5aved anyway.

Faster, but

VERY failed AGD. o.O
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You were one of my favorites I hope you know.
See ya.



calm and relaxing agd. I like

Very nice concept.

Slow AGD
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