Giant N - Nreality Image-test

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Author BluePretzel
Tags author:bluepretzel image-map not-so-good nreality sketchy test unrated
Created 2010-02-26
Last Modified 2010-02-26
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Simply a test to make a giant enemy ninja. Its crap quality, but its only a test. I you guys like it, I might remake this later on.
Please tell me what you think!!! Enjoy!!!

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Fastest speed

442 frames
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Though I did my best to translate it myself, I take German class. "That is a big enemy! You can even jump through it!"
I am going to add the objects now. I will post data soon!


Demo Data


A coolab with one of my favorite authors! Definetly! Is it okay if you start the tileset first? I am better with objects I think!

P.S. Check my profile! Your on my favorite author list! :D


...I just realized ratings are disabled :(

Faved though! :D

Great gameplay...

...that's a new concept! 5/5! :D

About your last comment on my map...

I know a collab is where two people work on a map, but how do you do it?

Speedy AGD:
Demo Data


Its only a test. If I make another, then I'll enable ratings. I'm seeing some good comments on this :)

Oh yeah...

I used them to fix up tiles and hid things. Silly me forgeting things. :P
I'm trying to think where you got it...
ratings. anyway I enjoyed it. 4/5


and sorry chocolate, i only speak english :S
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Didn't see BluePretzel's AGD.
Now I have to drastically improve mine :(


Demo Data


whoops, that's *ein großer* I'm not exactly fluent
Das ist einen großen Feind! Man kann sogar durch ihn springen!


credit goes to WBC for the 'thwump wall'
AGD, sub 600 is possible.
Demo Data

Sub-1000 AGD

I quite liked it, actually. Also, the use of the thwumps as a wall was lovely.
Demo Data

Oh, and:

@Player: watch out, he's got rocket-vision and throws depleted uranium at supersonic speeds! (lol look up info on gauss & rocket in Nv1.4)

its cool...

maybe next time we could be the bouncy large giant?


Its a giant N-emy statue arrghhh!!!