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Author Pheidippides
Tags action author:pheidippides featured playable rated
Created 2010-02-27
Last Modified 2010-02-27
by 23 people.
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Description Spur-of-the-moment, unpolished, odd. Enjoy.

This map was featured on 2010-05-11

Cyberpunk? No! Steampunk? No! Vinepunk? Yes! Vinepunk is the perfect mix of urban planning and floral minimalism, an ipomea braviensis* that has somewhat outgrown home sweet greenhouse. So the next time you comtemplate the beauties of nature -- majestic waterfalls, mountains wreathed in mist, snowfall-fueled rivers -- remember this map. Remember that nature bites back.

*don't google this; it doesn't look anything like Pheidi's plant. — flagmyidol

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slow agd
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All gold

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Dug it then and now. Pun intended.


A bit overly tricky and not flowy in places (like when you're going down into that lower section, and theirs a rocket chasing you, a chaingun shooting at you, and some randomly moving drones you have to avoid falling on... its a little excessive).

vinepunk: the use of naturalist influences or environmetal mediums to reform society.
and as far as the tiles go, they're nice, but they look just like a lot of other Pheidi maps ;( Not one of my faves.

I didn't google it,

but isn't it ipomoea? My parents are landscape designers and I've heard of this before . . . maybe not. I have no idea what it looks like.

The map suits Pheidi's style. I remember when this was submitted but for some reason didn't comment. Anyway, here's a demo:
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I'm not sure about this, mainly because I don't like the starting.
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good planed gameplay and nice tiles.

haha P-Dip

what a cool nickname



I'll admit that as far as the gameplay goes, I kept getting caught up on the invisible tips of the one-ways. But the drone section was tightly bitchin'.

Niiiice map, P-Dip.
Gameplay was too finicky for me to get into.


knew this would one day be featured.
sweet review though.

map played awkwardly in places LIKE THE BEGINNING ARGH

but on the whole, pretty good.
Thankies. :3

Agree with Script.

This map is fantastic. I loved it. Review is also very good. 5aved, nothing to add. This is absolutely great.
i left a comment too :/ oh well

love the layout. this is a cool map.
for the reason of how much I dislike one-way towers heh :P

this is my favorite

feature in a good long while.
I mean it looks dope, but it never played that well for me :/ sorry. 3



Lol comtemplate. Soz, just don't read to closely.

I agree with flag

Knock it off, will ya. :P

Great map man

It's fresh.
This is perfect.
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did this a while ago but I accidentally in speedrun mode
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Chume now has a broken speed demo on NReality. :(
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I just changed it again. Whatever.


but its much harder now
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Loved the tiles and the gameplay. 5aved.
You can use the door to jump around that mine. :)


Thanks, chume.


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cool but cheatable

unless you intended this
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