Escape The Castle

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Author BluePretzel
Tags author:bluepretzel castle color-mod easy fun nreality rated
Created 2010-02-27
Last Modified 2010-02-27
by 8 people.
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For the love of god, IGNORE THE THUMBNAIL.

This thing took 3 hours, please take time to check it out!
OKAY, there are rules to this.
1. Nreality Only. It isnt needed, but this map has basically no meaning without it. The oneways, doors and exits are all tile-colour, and the gausses are slightly darker. The oneways have been fixed to give the castle some fancy looks, but some of the positions they're in are quite annoying at times. My advice is to treat them as scenery, but still realise that they are one-ways, and they are there.
2. There are traps and thwump-squeezes in this, so just use your general knowledge to solve the 'puzzle-esq' of this level.
3. Use the trap roof to the right to get into the right room, but first get the 'key'!
4. I'm happy with the finish. The big door in the middle (also the exit) has a little extra imbedded into it... finish from the right and you will simply stand there at the door. BUT, finish from the left and N will fall through a gap and land on a concealed onway... which leads him to look like he's standing in the middle of the path leading from the castle: he has escaped!!
4. Comment nicely, rate respectively, and enjoy the level! This is a sequal to 'Ruined Colosseum'.

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582 frames
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That's cool.
You made the map look really cool with the gold and mines. Might want tag it under hard though. ;)

That is so

'Twisted City' w/ objects (AGDable)


I like the gausses

5/5! :D

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i love it...5/5
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nice tiles ;D

my only problem is that some of the tiles you are able to go through.
making mew tile shapes is all good, so long as they don't really get touched, but what you did here was fine. I didn't like the doors though sorry.
sub 1000 AGD
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oh yes

Its mostly for the idea, its vey easy indeed.


rather... easy?
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