02-3 A Tribute To Dr Eyriya Syuriku

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Author Creature
Tags 02-3 action author:creature easy playable rated tribute
Created 2010-02-27
Last Modified 2010-02-27
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description It's these choices that you take,
Moulding the minds that you change,
Lonely, lonely road ahead...

Show me the boldness of your palms,
Are you ready to shape this future?
Or will you fold it back,
on itself?

Hide in your corner, as this world
is greased on one hand,
and polished on another.
Sit in your divide.
And watch.

Let me go, we're parting quickly
As I embrace this new atmosphere
While you ponder, the crystals of
Your mind rattle, falling slowly
Sit in your divide.
And ponder, wither.
Fall away.

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welcome back!


This map is fun. I do like the rocket.
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looky what I can do

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