115-0: Goodbye Map

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Author cucumber_boy
Tags action author:cucumber_boy goodbye kk pisces playable rated
Created 2010-02-28
Last Modified 2010-02-28
by 21 people.
Map Data

Description I just want to let you all know that I've decided to leave the community forever. I feel like I am no longer a contributive part of the community and have decided that it is my time to go. I've lost most of my friends within the community because they left years ago, and I'm stuck in a rut with no where to go. I don't think my mapping will ever get any better, so why bother trying? It just become bothersome for me to map anymore, and I don't enjoy it anymore. It's just not worth it.

I do have some friends here at metanet though, and you know who you are. I also have some enemies here and you know who you are.

I am not leaving metanet as of now, but I will be slowly phasing myself out of the community all together, bit by bit. I am, however, done with mapping forever. If I ever do decide to pickup NED again, I won't be submitting the map(s).

However in the good fun of it all, here is my pisces map for shits and giggles.

Goodbye NUMA, and I love you all.

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The sad thing about this is that people seemed more concerned about you getting to 1000 maps than that you left.

@LowBeat're dumb or something?
We all loved your maps. But, if you decided like this, GOODBYE!

tell you what.

you should go out with a double bang. a map pack. Call it "The Best of Cucumber_boy" that would be FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


You people are a thick lot.
but I'll miss you anyway, but I agree, you need to make one more map. but maybe you are reserving for your 10th leaving anniversary, aye?

Come on.

one more map till 1000
one more map till 1000
one more map till 1000
one more map till 1000
one more map till 1000
one more map till 1000
one more map till 1000
one more map till 1000
one more map till 1000 one more map till 1000
one more map till 1000 one more map till 1000


what about map 1000?
you up and leave. It's sad, because your maps are great. Which is why when you say "I don't think my maps can get better" i believe you, they are perfect. I agree with the whole add another map to make a solid 1000. Once again your choice but I believe it would help make things easier for all of your friends here in the community. Well cheers, and maybe I will grow as a high-scorer and take your place lol :P
I guess what I am trying to say is enjoy yourself out there and don't cause too much trouble. Adios, and good luck.

but why man

i loved all of your maps.

i will miss u

kk, alot. have fun and hope to see you back. :(

Nice timing.

Number 1000 was next.

Bye kk.

I - We will miss you. *runs off crying*


I guess I inherit #n-highscores.



I think your mapping is fine. You may be stuck in a rut, but it's a good rut to be stuck in. This [] for example is a fucking excellent map, better than any of your maps from a month earlier.

I still think you'll be back.


that sucks... this is a sad day for NUMA. not joking, I'm actually sad.

Nice final map.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.


ever leaves forever.


donĀ“t leave us.
NOBODY wants to see you leaving.
I am sad now. 99-4 must waiting because I want that the map here gets 100 ratings.


You have enough friends/users here who like you!
You're my favorite author! YOU CAN'T LEAVE! D:
You're VERY talented too because all your tilesets are awesome.

Think about it again, please. I don't want to lose my favorite author of all time for the fact that your episode style is great. :((


cucumber I'm going to miss you and your maps good luck and have fun!!!
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Aww come on, man.

You can't leave on 999!

999 maps?

oh come on, i think you delisted some. I remember that being over 1000, was it? or am I dreaming? uhh...,....

Anyway, its sad to see a great mapper like you go. Im still fairly new, and you probably dont even know me, but I really did like some of your maps.

Stay cool, cucumber, y'all be missed.


join me :)


If your leaving, then why are you entering a contest?
But best of luck, and if you do return please look for me.

Ah, kk, ya bloody fool.

Hey man

why stop here. one more map! you'll have 1000 make it legendary before you leave.

see ya






I'll miss you, kk. ;___;

@Sunset: I'm taking AltArc down soon, and releasing the source for anyone else who wants to expand upon it, so I wouldn't recommend advertising the project very much.
But I could be a frienemy :D




We'll miss you.