Fish's Tale

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Author BluePretzel
Tags author:bluepretzel fish one-way pisces puzzle rated tail
Created 2010-03-01
Last Modified 2010-03-01
by 5 people.
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Description My entry to the pisces competition (see NUMA homepage) I took a while on this one, trying to perfect it. I think it turned out great.
Please dont rate poorly because of the tileset... I /can't/ draw fishes D:
I tried as hard as I could to merge the tiles with the level, mainly the fish tail. AGD demos highly appreciated, Enjoy!

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map [] that I though you might like.

I like the tail

the gold could have been a bit more imaginative though


I suppose it would have looked a little incomplete without the rest. I guess what i meant was that the whole left side is just climbing straight up the outer wall, which is kinda boring in comparison. . .
you don't need the rest :)
Demo Data
good pick of the kind of drone to go in the tail.

chaingun= perfection*


With easier gold collected.
Demo Data


nice :)
Demo Data


I highly doubt ill win this...