The Tepalic Articfact of the Great God Gastrodon

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Author BluePretzel
Tags 10mm action author:bluepretzel unrated
Created 2010-03-02
Last Modified 2010-03-02
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Description "The funniest argument is a silent debate about not being able to hear each other"

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Speed :O
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i improved diamondeyes AGD a bit
nice map
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Nice Map!

Fun and challenging! 5/5

P.S. Yeah, I like custom drones! :D
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Thanks for mentioning it =3


definitely improvable, but I really liked doing some lovely chaingun-dodging. I lost my other AGDeath demo where I actually jumped right thru the chaingun twice just as it stopped firing :(
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I'm going to actually play the interesting part of the map now. It looks lovely.
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it has to be possible
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sub-250 WANT
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Im officialy BluePretzel, cos I finally unlocked the Blue Ninja (my laptop's harddrive [] broke down some time ago, so N was completely reset)
Bu I've unlocked up to Blue now, so hooray!!! :D

hmmm interesting

easy and quite random.