Fly Me To The Moon

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Author miststalker06
Tags adventure author:miststalker06 fun hard imagemap nreality rated
Created 2010-03-02
Last Modified 2010-03-02
by 20 people.
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I took one last look at the big glowing thing and made my move...
I flew, and flew... and flew.

Requires nReality for maximum pleasure.
NB: You've acquired water breathing, so don't worry - you won't drown.
Just watch out for those creatures of the sphere.

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Great image

You are so good at this! Map was pretty good too. There's still the problem of obscuring too much - I hit a mine unexpectedly more than once - but the image just adds so much.


want to collab? If so, just comment on one of my maps (I don't use the fourms).


Liked it, but mines were awkwardly placed. The background adds a certain feeling to the map.

Great Map!

Mines were well placed and were a good challenge! 5/5! :D

Slow Completion :(
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Yet another jewel

but yeah, I also felt that the mines could be better. But I guess, that would be sorta hard in small space :P
Faved, but If your gonna make another water-map with lots of water, then you should ask someone like no_ma11y for help on how to make area-triggers so that when you enter the water, gravity changes to give a 'watery' feel to the game.

Keep makin these miststalker!! :D
The image and spacing is all perfect,but the mines are far too awkwardly placed and are too difficult to see.

good image

but I found it hard to see the mines

Pretty Challenging

It is amazing how the scenery can make this level that much harder. It messes with my timing, so mines I normally would have not problem with, keep blowing me up. Nice look.

Good game play, challenging ending.


these are getting better and better. i like the background in this. it creates a tranquil atmosphere, at maxson said.
the semi-hidden passages are pretty cool as well. there were a few annoying mines that cramped up the tunnel sections, but on the whole it was a fun map.

Great atmosphere

faved; I'll play later

The exit door

should've been on the moon. xD
but this map definitely deserves it. Lovely!


:) A hard adventure map, just my style :) <3 If you're bold enough, you can fly to the moon one last time before you complete it. :) (Use the thwump ;))
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