Reach For the sky

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Author BluePretzel
Tags 5mm author:bluepretzel highscore sky unrated
Created 2010-03-02
Last Modified 2010-03-02
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description highscorer 5mm.

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167 frames
Id like to see how many frames are left
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That'll be all right.


*pulls string* "reach for the skyyyyyyyyyyyy"
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Cause I can't just call it "BluePretzel and PHALHOBBES collab"


What should we call it?

Ok, I like it.

Thx for making the drones not moving, I just used the doors cause I actually Don't know how to do that. Once you give me the "Ok!" I'll post it. I also have another idea for my own map that im gunna do :D


I like ur idea for the level part of it, and I modified it a bit, I know there's a random mine which isn't rly that great, but it adds just that little bit of toughness. Check it out and tell me what u think.

Ok, here it is!

Srry I kinda rushed it, but it's a basic tile set, im not too good at making actual landscapes, but I can make tile sets.
Here: 55555555522222222222222555555555222222222222225555555552222222222222255555555522222222222222555555555222222222222225555555552222222222222255555555522222222222222555555555222222222222225555555552222222222222255555555502222222222222555555550002222222222225555555000002222222222255555500000002222222222555550000000002222222225555000000000003333333344444000000000333333333444444000000033333333334444444000003333333333344444444000333333333333444444444033333333333334444444444333333333333344444444443333333333333444444444433333333333334444444444333333333333344444444443333333333333444444444433333333333334444444444333333333333344444444443333333333333444444444433333333333334444444444333333333333344444444443333333333333|


It's cool to know some1 remembers me, and, well, I was wondering if you wanted to collab? :D

Oh whoops

I thought this was xXSc3n1cXx's map...

For NReality []


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I'm not done yet, but Space Raid IV is getting closer to completion. I worked out the gravity, but I still feel something is wrong. The space gravity makes the map too hard. Any suggestions?

6 Frames

Faster AGD.
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Close to maxed?
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here. i hate forgetting it.
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faster. 5th try.

not gonna soam a ton of speeds, but ill work on it and sub my best later.


2nd try, the first time i didnt like my speed, so i just hit k. lolz. AGD would be fun.
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