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Author tktktk
Tags author:tktktk bitesized featured playable race rated
Created 2005-11-23
by 167 people.
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Description This is a little different from your conventional race map. I spent a while making sure it ran smoothly. Have fun, duh.

This map was featured on 2008-12-22

Shrapnel is one of those maps that you don't expect to play well yet leaves you with a warm feeling like you've done something special. With no enemies and little room for error, tktktk has taken the conventional race map and turned it inside out to reveal something so simple and yet so original at the same time.
From the first jump comes this momentum, created to keeps you rushing through to the end. For those of you who don't know this map, I hope you love it; for those who do, here's a bit of nostalgia until/during . — origami_alligator

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Fun map :D
Demo Data

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fastest speedrun

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I got a good demo
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Wow, this caused quite a stir. Anyway, regardless of your opinion of the map's worthiness of featuring/5aving, I hope you all enjoyed it.

Pretty Fast Demo

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this never gets old

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...although I agree partly with Crescor.

Although it's a revolutionary idea I don't think that, that alone gives it a five. Maybe a four.

I’m still fiveing this though because not only is it a revolutionary idea, it is also well executed.

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what i meant...

huh. i don't usually mean anything. in this case, i was sort of comparing the quality of the first shrapnel, and the so-called first door-eerie.
can be considered interesting too, you know? Who are you to decide wheter a type of map is interesting or not?
Your comments make no sense at all.
because it spawned an interesting map-type; not just because it was different.
I said that it wasn't flawless. (imo, before you start whining again)
But if you follow whitehearts phrase, which I'm not going to quote again, then the first door-eerie is flawless too. I don't agree with that and you're the idiot if you do.


you're an idiot. don't throw up stupid arguments that waste time to refute.

the difference is that this was brilliantly done, whereas the first door-eerie (which I happen to like) had little thought put into it.

even if a better shrapnel map has been done, which i doubt, it was tktktk's idea, like so many other cool tricks with N, and it should get points for that.

5 and faved a long fucking time ago.


I agree with WhiteHart, somewhat. Original ideas are 4-worthy, while good execution pushes them up to a 5. This map has both.

For example:
First door erie.
If I follow your way of thinking this is 5-worthy, meaning it's flawless.
the first map that uses this, it should get 5.
So the first DDA ever should get a 5 also, the first action map ever, the first door-eerie, etc...
Still no bullcrap?


"This may not be the best map of it's type, but it's the first, and that makes it 5-worthy on it's own."

What? That's bullcrap.

*Rant coming*

Alright, I don't think this is overrated, infact, I think it's underrated. You know why? This map opened people's eyes to a whole new perspective of races, and opened the door to an un-explored sub-genre. So some of you are saying 3.

This may not be the best map of it's type, but it's the first, and that makes it 5-worthy on it's own. It sparked a whole new trend of races, not just by copying someone else, but tktktk actually thought of something unique, rather than a boring loop-fest.

THAT, makes it five-worthy, and makes it worthy of all the attention it's harvested.



Great idea and awesome excecution.


love the concept, love the flow, love the author.
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Very flowy



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Great map

From my fave author tktktk!
5 faved



agd below
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AGD completion

Really good, but I can't help wondering what would happen if you made one of these 'type 2 and 3 tiles' race maps with path crossing. That would be interesting...
Anyway, 5/5.
Demo Data
I said I wouldnt have chosen to feature this but I could see why someone else did, so therefore it would be feature-worthy, if not perhaps from my perspective.

I said the feedback is more positive about this because it was the first of it's kind to do this and symbolised a lot more besides the map, and small change now. Everyone who's posted since, especially the reviewer himself, has ratified this.

I've never said anything that explicitly contradicts what I said before, just made different points about similar subjects.
is because there are no races like this anymore. The originality in the race genre has gone down so much. All the race maps I've featured previously have had something different and unique about them, rather than just being this loopy thing that you try to go your fastest around.

That said, I hope people are able to gather inspiration off of this because not only is it amazing, it's one of the best races that has ever been submitted to NUMA.
5aved. Perfect.


why do you change your opinion every 5 seconds?

Kinda my point

Half the reason why this is up here is just because its the map that launched a thousand ripoffs. I know I tried it at some point, involving drone gates to jump through... :S

Even from your own argument, it seems like the map was featured because it started things, which in retrospect is quite feature worthy from certain perspectives. Actually, it's probably more useful to have an oldie featured so everyone new has a link.

Scratch my last point, this is feature worthy.

I disagree with GHM

This map is filled with brilliant ideas. Do you know how many authors (including myself) tried to imitate this idea of using 2 tiles to add flow? Considering the time this was created as well, it was amazing.


I played and commented this over three years ago
*gives another five*


Not only was it revolutionary in it's time, it has yet to be redone as well.
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faved and a 4.
Nice map.
Swish flow.w
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Cheated demo

Demo Data

no, but really, this is great, but no one should have tried to copy it.