Versipellis Level 12:

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags action author:wordblamcreator boss rockets unrated ver wbc
Created 2010-03-04
Last Modified 2010-03-04
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Description I walked out onto the balcony, the Vampire had nowhere to go to other than down, down to the depths of Hell. The moon had been odscured and so his latest trick was rendered unusable.

I approached him as he said, "You haven't won yet, Hound of God."

I stopped, I wanted to see his latest attempt to defeat me, I wanted to watch it fail.

A pentagram appeared on the ground in front of him, and I steeled myself for a battle. If he was summon a demon this would be an intresting fight.

Instead from the accursed symbol there appeared a skeleton hooded and cloaked. I had never before seen a demon such as he. "Who are you?"

The skeleton spoke slowly and with that same gruffness of an old man. "I am Time, I am Cold, I am poison, I am a sword, I am age, And I am Death." His 'body' began to grow larger and larger.

A sphere of bone surrounded the Vampire Tepes and the protective cacoon glowed like the moon itself. I turned to this 'Death', "If you fight against me you fight against the Lake of Fire. YOU WILL BURN FOR ETERNITY!"

Final playable level of the Versipellis series. This boss fight is nowhere near as impressive as some of my Castlevania ones, but I'm getting back into the mood of making boss fights. Anyway there will be an 'epilouge'.

Also the first person to post a completion demo will get an RCD.

Best of luck, and don't forget to Rate, Comment, and Post demos (death demos of not). Thanks :)

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To beat the hell demon, just headbutt his balls.
6 months late :P
So I can find out about it =)

Map was intense. Didn't like the feel of multiple enemies much. Liked how the bottom area was built, but the triggers didn't look very nice. You have done much better maps in the past. The tiles are nice though around the tower on the right too.


this was Brobdingnagian! (I found that as a synonnym for epic; apparently it comes from the fictional island of Brobdingnagian that's occupied by giants in Gulliver's Travels, which I never read...) By the way, loving the avatar ;D.
It seems like this series lost it's distinct theming after level 6; these last 6 levels looked more CV. This map seems like it could easily have been a CV. I suppose it makes with the story (which I skimmed), but it just seems like the theme (of, hmm, nature?) should've been carried throughout. Still liked this level, though, I'm just saying.
Oh, I get an RCD. Cool. Just pick one from my profile page.
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First try

I was having a good run, but,,,
Demo Data

Thank you.

I do have a taste for the hard stuff. Kinda like Meatpuppet, but not that impossible.


for a man with the taste of aptitude, you sure bring a new meaning to impossible.