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Author WordBlamCreator
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Created 2010-03-05
Last Modified 2011-03-07
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Description If you haven't played all of the Versipellis series, don't bother reading this. []

My fingers wrapped around the huge jaw of the skeleton, and I then used all my weight the pull it off. The huge opponent reelled back letting out a great blasphemy against God.

The sphere surrounding the vampired fell apart and crashed to the ground. In an instant my great speed placed me infront of my pray. I grabbed his hair and pulled him to his feet. He writhed to get himself loose from my grasp but it was useless.

"Vlad Tepes, you are guilty of following the teachings of the accursed angels," I began to roll out the long list of crimes the Vampire had commited, "You have taken part in a ritual of the Devil, and you have fought against a Hound of God; and you have been found guilty of ALL charges."

"DAMN YOU!" He cried, "AND DAMN ALL YOUR FOUL KIND, Werewolf!"

My grip tightened upon him and I twisted one of his legs. He screamed in agony. "You dare insult me by using my kins common name!" I let go of his leg and placed my left hand around his neck.

He would lose his head.

A dark laughter roared from behind me, and the skeleton brought his sythe. I cut into my lung, I howled into the night as my blood poured from the wound.

Tepes grinned, I had released my hold upon him. He sank his fangs into my arm. I glared at him. Then I grinned. He had brought upon himself a terrible curse.

I spat at him whilest' I spoke. "You will rot for eternity, monster! Your family shall rebel against you and your first born will be your doo-" The skeleton sank his weapon further into my lung.

"Even If you kill me, the Black-one will banish you."

I starred at him one last time, though I knew I couldn't die by this wound, I would be forced into a long sleep. I felt my toes harden, and the sensation slowly crept up my leg and into my chest. I thought once more of the Black Ninja, he who I had sent Thiess to fetch. My mind numbed, and my memory... stoppe-

Dracula starred at the werewolf, it had gone from a terribly overpowering foe into a stone statue in meer seconds. He looked out at the country side. The land was now his for the taking.

I did not make this tileset
oof____kabooff did, and if you like it please rate the original. []

I would like to thank the following users for giving me their insite on this series:


And finally I would like to Thank:

Meatpuppet, for sharpening my skill as a mapper.

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oh wow

poor dude/statue


the 'Black-One' is the Ninja from cv1, the guy you play as. (duh)
it take everyone to figure out that Cyrus was a Werewolf?

And also, has anyone spotted the reference to the first Castlvania series?

Next series is CV4.

the next Castlevania, and I have no idea when I am releasing it.


Interesting stuff... Im looking forward to the next series!! :D

nice tileset

the moon is really cool.