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Author aerodynamic
Tags alpen author:aerodynamic easy fun highscore playable unrated
Created 2010-03-06
Last Modified 2010-03-06
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Description My third attempt at an easy map, according to the "types" I give them. Go for the best highscore or speedrun, winners of each get rcds.

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some nice concepts here, could definitely be used in a larger map. I like them here, but it feels weird for some reason, too cramped maybe?
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WOOT! The principle of the RCD is spreading!
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The 5-tiles can be rough, but you can navigate through the map in such a way that they aren't really an issue. But I basically agree with your comment. This is me experimenting.

improvable speed

The 5-tiles made this rough to play. Other than that, it's an alright map.
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While many of my maps are rather hard, I still kinda want to go and beat my last map before I keep playing this (which I still like). I guess I just like challenging maps. Anyway, just kinda made this on a whim when I stared messing around with tiles. But let me know if you like it.