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Author WordBlamCreator
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Created 2010-03-07
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Description Taking place soon after WWI, Castlevania 4 stars the character Nathan Graves, a thief and street-side actrobat. I can't tell you much about the plot other than this series will include a number of characters from the of Castlevania games.

Please feel free to ask questions, in fact... ask LOTS of questions.

Anyway the search tag will be CV4.

This series will include boss fights, but they will not be a pattern to their appearence.

Anyway on a side note, this is my first N-art; and by N-art I am refering to the sword. So YAY!

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deds are nice and all, but it's nicer to have a map of yours played and commented on and rated. So which would you like me to check out?

It seems

you like my POTSG series then, eh?
I think I'll continue it soon...


and play it, the ninja is located just under the sword, so that he sends blood spewing out of the ground.




and the best part about that sword is that it actually looks better in full view.
vary naic