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Author aerodynamic
Tags action agd author:aerodynamic easy fun playable unrated
Created 2010-03-08
Last Modified 2010-03-08
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Description I like this one. But maybe that's just because I've always wanted to go there. [] Or Patagonia, or anywhere in the Andes, really. Go for the highscore.

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Sweet map. Boxes inside blocks was cool, never seen that before.
That would've been awful if it had. Now I need to watch "The Hurt Locker" :)
you can beat this, but unfortunately i'm going to bed (after best picture is announced). otherwise i'd be up for it.
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cool agd map

a little faster.

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AGD Fail

Cool beans. Gold was awesome.
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I see it now! And I guess I'm having more trouble with the rocket than you are :p
because if you just sprint through, grab the key and go back, it never really gets it your way. Also, I didn't want to use another gauss. Glad you liked it, though. The gold is supposed to be a road through the desert with the mines being cacti on the sides or something.
I dont think a rocket was the best choice for the enclosed section up top, but apart from that, this is a solid map.
pretty sure it's slow anyway. don't really remember. yeah.
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