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Author Meta_Ing
Tags author:meta_ing disappoint mission-map no-long-tags sorry-to this-time unrated
Created 2010-03-08
Last Modified 2010-03-08
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Description This was originally going to be the possible start of a(nother) series that I might be making, but it grew too long and complicated (and perhaps difficult) for that... So instead it is just a standalone "mission" type map.

Hope it isn't too hard. Also, the fact that you can skip a few switches is intentional, before anyone wonders. You'll need a few more switches if you are going for all gold, though.

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lol my god meta you destroyed me on 196747

Btw, great map, ill RCE it later cause i have to go.


ill find if off somekinda other mirror.

thx for the link.

but my computer won't allow it. Parental controls. I know. stupid. Do you have a direct download link? Like, the link you would click to initiate the download? That might work. Sorry for the hassle.

It is

kinda hard, but my problem was that it was all over the place, with no real direction and that made it confusing. so yeah, crazy does fit this quite well



map is crazy it might be that im pretty tired though faved for tomorrow
With and without the shortcut. It's too late tonight, though.