115-1: And He Clapped The Lights On

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Author cucumber_boy
Tags action author:cucumber_boy featured imagemap kk nreality playable rated
Created 2010-03-09
Last Modified 2010-03-09
by 108 people.
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Yes, this is my 1000th map. I tried to go fucking all out on it, took a couple days to make, so I hope y'all enjoy it. Oh, and I lied about leaving forever. I do that alot :/

How this map works: Obviously, this map will only give you the full effect in NReality, so play in it! Each light "turns on" as you go under it. It may take a couple tries to get used to, but it's fun once you do. I promise. There are a couple unavoidable bugs with the lights sometimes turning sideways, but I tried to minimize those as much as possible.

Thanks to all the playtesters who well... playtested!

So without further ado, map 1000.

This map was featured on 2012-04-24

Floating in space, void of matter. Everything appears to be blanketed in darkness, nothing but the glimmer of the dwindling starlight to prove that blindness hasn't overcome. Take cautious yet hurried steps in hope the next won't be the last. Looking around for a way out anything to feel whole again. Then it begins to take form, a small square of light, in seconds it is within reach. A figure appears and as if a prayer has been answered, he claps the lights on. — IodineEnvy

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About one year later ...


nice idea

but in practice it's rather irritating
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Nifty and elegant mods! 5

Very cool review.

Great map, too.

Also I realize that this has over 100 rates but it still is an amazing map and deserves the feature.

Mad the 100th rate!

And congrats on 1000!

happy 1000, kkstrong

a request for a map

Hello cucumber boy, i was wondering, since you have the know-how, if you could make a map set in an abandoned hospital with all the lights flickering on and off. You know, like in a horror movie? If you decide to make it, tag it "ChaoSilvers map." thx if you make it.


looks like you one-upped Yahoozy

That is so cool!


Almost AGD:
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This map was for 2 days at the top of the hot maps, and after that It was 5 pages further? I think NUMA liked your map or something :P
and he is the only one who seems to be able to understand the code.

I like atob's idea

And I also agree w/ kk about the basic stuff that needs attention first
Before we even thought about adding anything new.
Perhaps we should have something like this:

Hotmaps - Action, Race, Puzzle.
Art Gallery - Narts.
Nreality - Mod Maps.

That would be my ideal, though I honestly I wonder if it would hold any more benefit aside from tidying up things a little.


i suppose you are right. I still think a different section for nreality maps would be beneficial, though.


Wait... when this map sinks... cucumber_boy could make 115-2.



Days!? I've only had one for 2.
Does anyone have any fracking idea who won the Pisces competition?

4 more hours...

...and it's 2 days on the top.

ATOB Wrote:

{The rating system is flawed inherently as most people simply pat each other on the back with candy votes designed to inspire reciprocation.}

I agree I think Meatpuppet was one of those people who, although harshly, rated a map upon it's value. Not because of the possibility of {reciprocation}.

Although I am sure at one point or another I have been guilty of "Bribing" as well.
congratz :]

40 hours of glory

it brings tears to my eyes.


It's sinking. D:


Still on top.

Don't leave. Ever. Again.


Sorry, that first line is BS itself. What you wrote was pretty accurate, imo, just a few aspects I disagree with.

Apologies, first interaction of the day tends to be a little sloppy.


PRetty much everything you wrote there is BS. Sorry to be so blunt, but the reality is this:

The rating system is flawed inherently as most people simply pat each other on the back with candy votes designed to inspire reciprocation. Sure, obnoxious images in the description will draw people in, but so will talent and reputation and all those other subtle aspects.

There's no pandemic, there's no need for anything but perseverance and positive activity to breed the same in kind.

Lots of my maps receive little attention these days upon releases, but my reputation as a quality author eventually brings people to them and they receive their fair share of attention. If you get good at something, people will take note.

That's really all there is to it.

As for the map itself, I agree. Excellent mod, truly the coolest Iv'e seen, but the maps itself is a real let-down in comparison.


Well to begin with

you could have easily put that hugeass '1000' under the text as well but i guess i haven't been around here long so i guess you know better than me. Seeing the entire map beforehand was also kind of a downer when actually playing the thing but you can't do anything about that so whatever.

I think that NUMA should have some sort of section divider or something for nreality maps, because (as i said earlier) i have not been around here long but every nreality map always gets higher scores because of the 'effort and time' or perhaps because of the enormous image in the description or maybe simply because they are perceived to be more interesting than normal N and therefore receive higher scores while the normal maps or ones without images tend to attract less attention.

While i realize the common rebuke to this is something along the lines of "Only good maps get rated well regardless of author/type of map/whatever" with a condescending smiley face from a famous author you cannot deny that the tried and true advertising technique of large obnoxious images is in full effect here.

the map itself is incredibly boring and not fun at all but i suppose that is because it is entirely reliant on the light / dark mod to make it enjoyable, and it does that very well. the lightwells are strategic and make progressing both scary and interesting, and dying from a floorguard or mine just makes it more so because you have to remember where the hazard was and not get owuned the next time. Redoing sections is easy once you've gone through once or twice, and exploring is a lot of fun.

Replaying the map after dying a couple times and beating it is not, though, just cause you've already memorized or at least recognize the whole map and like i said the map itself is neither challenging nor interesting enough to warrant another playthrough despite the pretty amazing mod.

Overall i give it a 3.5 up to a 4. Fun map.

100th Comment!

Congratulations! Anyways.


Sorry for spamming.
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Demo Data
Because this is nice.

well I enjoyed it

Happy 1000th birthday!

Oh, I really

enjoyed the map. That floorguard was annoying sometimes, though.


maxon, your comment was the 71th.

This is awesome

and has a lot of replay-value (: It's a great concept excecuted well