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Author drewza2
Tags author:drewza2 awesome chainguns dda multienemy rated rockets
Created 2010-03-10
Last Modified 2010-03-10
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Short dda wth laserdrones, chaingun drones, homing launchers, mines & zap drones. Only 2 launchpads! My best so far. Enjoy

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holy hell



You copy all of the text in the map data box and paste it into your userlevels notepad


I give you a 5. Only 2 lunch pads...!

Hey, I allways see that level datas, but I don't know what I have to to with them, can you help me?
I know what you did even without watching the demo XD XD.
20 frames...r-o-f-l-m-a-o

Awesome DDA!

5/5! :D

speedrun.. xD

Demo Data
ddas need to have close calls. this is short and does not have enough close calls. more to say it is very straight-forward.

its not my fault

people are rushing me
in EACH DDA you make. left-over gold in a DDA is often discribed as 'rushed work'


i'm improving, thats for sure. :D

rated 5

but to hell with it. it was worth the watch