Impact Subterra

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Author epigone
Tags action author:epigone featured playable rated
Created 2010-03-11
Last Modified 2010-03-11
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description Walljump skills are a must. Go for all the gold.

This map was featured on 2012-08-05


Terra Mission Log: 00253/3

Diggers have been excavating for the last four months. Getting closer and closer to Subterra, but freezing temperatures keep destroying drills. Will try different material.

Terra Mission Log: 00257/3

Have reached lowest edge of crust. Many have died. Running out of diamond-coated drills. Will attempt contact with outer surface.

Terra Mission Log: 00258/3


Subterra Mission Log: 00001/1

::data_read="CORRUPTED TEXT"::

Subterra Mission Log: 00002/1

None survived.

::data_read="END OF TRANSMISSION"::

::close_log:: — Aidiera

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this map

was featured on the day I joined NUMA!!!


I've reply to you in your last map.

great map!

i was stuck at first but i managed to find out how to do it. overall really fun 4/5
i was going to ask this on the forum but i cant manage to make an account because the confirmation email wont send to my account for some reason, so i decided to post it here. i was just wondering how the demo data works, i copy it into the replay text box and click watch replay but nothing happens. i was hoping someone could fill me in on how it works.
But maybe a bbj would help at the start?
Like this (underclocked)
Demo Data

That's an excellent 2.5-year-old run, Aidiera. Dug the bit with the one-way.




Demo Data


That launchpad gold requires a little too much precision for me to attempt, but the rest is great. Looks and feels very surreal. Love the use of gauss and 'guards. Solid 4.

oh haha

Didn't know the launchpad gold was possible. Nice map, epigone.
Getting the launchpad gold was annoying but fun, and gameplay was average. 4.
Demo Data


Demo Data

I'll demo later

Fun so far.
not counting the 3 in the top left.


This was really fun. Even though my hand really hurts now.
Demo Data

lol awesome

just plain great. love the concept, but not really keen the tiles.



will play