Castlevania 4 Level 3: A Meeting with Beelzebub

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Author WordBlamCreator
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Created 2010-03-12
Last Modified 2010-03-25
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Description Nathan entered the small hide-away which "Top-Hat" Stan had given him keys for. His eyes took only a few moments to adjust from the incandescent street lights, to the unlight room. In the corner was the old woman who had called him the "Murderer."

He stepped forward inclinded to beat the tar out of the old woman. A foot step and a whilstling sound of a billy club stopped him. And he was forced into unconsciousness.

Nathan awoke in a room with maroon wallpaper an ornate setting and a number of gas lights. Which gave the room an appealing look. Across the room sat a man with shoulder length black hair, wearing a black tuxedo and holding a glass of wine in his right hand. He sat looking away from Nathan, he was gazing at the grey clouds which were visible through the window opposite Nathan.

"Nathan Graves," the man turned toward him and set the glass of wine on a small table next to the wall. "Market place entertainer with some association with the mafia..."

Nathan raised an eyebrow as the dark haired man starred... not at him but through him.

"Also," The man continued, "murderer."

Nathan lept to his feet.. or rather tried, for he just then noticed that he had been shackled to the chair. He fell on his face and groaned.

A dark haired woman approched the chair, he hadn't seen her at first, but his new point of view made her obvious. He gasped, "Bu- YOUR DEAD!?"

It was true, the lady who approched him was the woman who had been gunned down. What Nathan had thought to be the truth fluttered, and a perplexed look took form in his facial features.

The dark hair man smiled, evidently slightly amused with the outburst, "Yes, Shanoa was shot... but with red paint." The amused look disappeared and a more decorous attitude developed in the man. "I should introduce myself, Mr. Graves, My name is Arikado."

The woman named Shanoa took hold of the chair and with a show of strength repositioned it and Nathan so as to be upright, and not spread across the floor like butter-side-down toast.

"Why am I here?" Nathan asked.

"Your here because we need a person like you," Shanoa said.

"Why me?" Nathan retorted.

"BECAUSE NATHAN!" Arikado burst out, "You are not Nathan Graves and YOU KNOW IT! Your father told you everything about your family's past."

Nathan looked down at the floor and his features hardened. He had wished he had not heard of his family's rather colorful past.

"No." Nathan said anticipating what this, Arikado would ask next.

Arikado frowned, "Do I need to remind you, that you are wanted by the police for murder?"

"But the murder is a fake!" Nathan said.

"Yes it is," Arikado continued unphased, "But the officials don't konw that, do they Nathan Belmont?"

Nathan stood still, it had been almost ten years since he had heard his name, he had hoped to avoid the fate of his family. But for some reason he smiled.

Arikado smiled as he saw his guest's reaction. "I will see you outside, but... You have just tried to kill me. Understand."

Nathan looked perplexed again. Arikado left the room and Shanoa had disappeared somewhere. Less than a minute had passed until a PSA system blared,

"Security, Nathan Graves has attempted to assassinate his Lordship Arikado, eliminate him."

"DAMN!!!" Nathan said.

First AGD - Will have this level dedicated to them.
First completion with both crosses gathered - RCD
First generic completion demo - RCD

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Long story right? Anyway tell me of how you think the plot is turning out so far, and don't forget to rate, comment, and post demos. THANKS :)

Dedicated to - Aerodynamic

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cool, nice use of the cannon here, though you seem destined to die the first time you use it since you don't think to slow down.
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Nearly had it >.>

Nice level, rater fun, great storyline.
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just to demonstrate for those who don't know what to do.
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if any of you remember that for this level. If not you might wanna play this map. []