Climbing Mountains of Water

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Author da_guru
Tags apocalypse author:da_guru collab playable rated shadow93kangaroo waves
Created 2010-03-13
Last Modified 2010-03-13
by 11 people.
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Description It is tomorrow. No-one even thought about the possibility that there might be a change sooner than the day after tomorrow. Yesterday we laughed about it; now tomorrow has come, and we have fallen silent. As the mountains of water approach the city everyone realises their mistake. There’s no reset-button. This is life. There’s just you and the waves. Who will win this time?

Collab with shadow93kangaroo []. Nreality possible, but not required.

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this is subdark-grade sexy

4.5/5 rounded up

Tileset is perfect. Freezing instead of caging drones is a weird feeling.

Demo Data

hot tiles

3/5 for the rest


nice nreality map dude. it's really fun.


Demo Data


Demo Data

Fun also

you too did well :D

Better than

the testet Version, like the stopping drone, nice work.

shit :D

but here is a nice start for an AGD
Demo Data


above average, not very good.

The tileset is sex

the gameplay is good but kind of annoying at times, so I'll go with a 4ave.

Thanks for RCE'ing, btw. Would you mind looking at some of the previous maps? They were almost ignored when they were subbed :| (04-0 and 03-4, I believe).

Thanks :)

wow this is much harder than it looks

- playtested by:
and others

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