Tremor, for the Skies are Breaking

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Author kisler
Tags administrong2 author:kisler unrated
Created 2010-03-13
Last Modified 2010-03-13
Map Data

Description Hold right at the beginning for a short cinematic featuring a close call with a drone.

Use the trap door switch on the right side to activate Easy Mode.

Made from the digital experiment [] of the paper gator. []

For entry in ADMINISTRONG, round two. []

Tremor, for the skies are breaking with the dawn of yesterday.

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This was actually a lot of fun. I was skeptical that the tileset would be able to make a great map after I tried and failed to make it into a cool map but this has some really neat aspects to it. Thanks for using the set and *faved*.


fun. 5aved

slow run

I like, rocket has good range.
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