Canyon of rust and dust

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Author shadow93kangaroo
Tags author:shadow93kangaroo canyon collab nreality rated
Created 2010-03-13
Last Modified 2010-03-13
by 15 people.
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Description "As the dust clouds cleared, only the clicking noise of a loading gun could be heard. You lifted your head, just in time to realise that you were the one held at gunpoint. Without a second thought you tried to fling yourself out of the way, into one of those welcome dark tunnels right beside you. The only thing you gave thought to at that precise moment was how to get out of this dangerous silence. A split second later the gun started to fire.

Collab with da_guru []. Nreality required."

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NReality sollte eigentlich funktionieren wie v1.4, hier noch mal der Link: Einfach die ZIP-Datei öffnen und die EXE starten, sollte eigentlich keine Probleme geben. Ansonsten kannste ja auch mal im Forum [] vorbeischauen, da gibst Leute die sich mit der technischen Seite wesentlich besser als ich auskennen.

sup man

welcome back

To use Ned in v2

you have to be logged in, then click on levels. There's tabs there - Metanet, Userlevels - and there is also a tab that's called editor. Everything from there on is pretty straightforward, but you should know that it's vastly different than v1.4, and, as probably most people here would agree, not exactly better anyway.

Also, welcome back! I stumbled across a few of your maps by accident, and they were pretty cool. Nice to see some of the old guard returning. :)

come back!

come back D:

I still miss you come back

du hast?

I don't speak german XD

=D voll spitze

wir ham n feature! :D
although i have never wanted to stab a chaingun drone in the face before. :) Nreality was a nice touch.


I like this. I don't like the odd and funny colors, but the use of NReality was nice.
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where did you go


You were a great mapper, dude. Hope you will back soon. :)



You don't leave

without first saying goodbye D:


You still here?
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nope.. ;D xDD

oh.. >__>

keine lust mehr auf N.? xD


kanst ja mal rumeditieren.

Weil ich hatte keine idee für ein richtiges Konzept :/



Knatsja mal gucken obde davon was gut findest, ansonsten könne wir auch ganz neu anfangen ;)


$the trapdoor#Lennart Menzel#jump´n´run#00000001111111111111111011111000000000000000000111010111111111111100001110100010000000011000000100010111110000110001101111101000000001100011000001010110000011000111,1,16,18,0,-1,0!9^240,384,0,1,15,18,0,-1,0!10^156,276!10^168,276!9^396,60,1,0,23,19,1,0,-1!9^252,372,1,1,6,12,0,0,0!9^228,372,1,1,13,12,0,0,0!2^24,36,1,0

Love it.

Oh, and

I don't mind t that you advertise maps/collabs by you on my maps for me, cos I like your maps, and I love your Nreality maps :D

/no sarcasm intended :)/

Very fun

I have some nice dodges here.

AGD, 4.5aved. Awesome.
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i see


like the Picture :/
But the gameplay is nice ;)
Actually, the chaingun isn't annoying.


that chaingun was so annoying!!
The only phrase I can (and I'm not sure whether I can spell it properly) would be something along the lines of "Please take off your glasses so I can mutilate your head";

"Ne(e)men zie biete die brille auf, so ich tein kopf maltrakteren kann?"?
...nur weil ich im Vorfeld 'ne schnelle AGD biete?
Ich erkenn denn Sinn nicht. :(

Man spielt Maps doch nicht nur, um besser als alle anderen zu sehen. Sondern, um Spaß zu haben und dem Autor zu zeigen, was man von seiner Arbeit hält. Also das ist zumindest meine Auffassung. XD


hehe.. i still like this map :]
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@ diamondeye
why are you so shy at running around?
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...die bestmögliche Route zeigen.
Ich will keinen Wettkampf draus machen. XD