The Ruins of New [Subverted]

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Author Seneschal
Tags administrong2 author:seneschal rated stonehenge subverted thending
Created 2010-03-13
Last Modified 2010-05-28
by 5 people.
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Description For Administrong.

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and has set a good Highscore challenging to be beaten.
You have fun with my last simple map? What rate you give? please ;)
This one deserve one more rating for a public, 5/5, ;)


Lovely. 5/5
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you've made better ones.

p.s. please answer my pm on the forums.


made your ded. []


So many gausses in such an open area is never that good an idea.. Not too fun to play in. This map was average at best, just lacking in captivating gameplay.
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for adminaistrong.
but the gameplay sucks :/

a +g- d

made in about 10-15 minutes, btw
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The top was really cool, but I didn't like the bounceblocks.