Respect me

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Author ultimatereading
Tags 102th author:ultimatereading rated reliable respect
Created 2010-03-13
Last Modified 2010-03-13
by 9 people.
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Description dont like this one very much but it plays well ded to chrdrenkmann whos is my collab partner for the new competition. RCE!!!

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i wasnt sure if you were on the forums heres a start how does it feel to you? flow wise? aesthetics arent fully done but the flow is there.


No problem.
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you can :P
Sorry... I have no idea how to make a good useable hide-and-seek-tileset but many ideas for objects.

PoT started.

I'm making the tileset.
it's not very good, but if you wanna try it, great.

AGD -6 xDD

is the rest gold possible?
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its not

really meant for speedruns

it's hard..

slow speedrun xD
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