Very strange

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Author drewza2
Tags author:drewza2 dda incomplete unfinished unrated watchable.
Created 2010-03-14
Last Modified 2010-03-14
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Description I think dda's are more constructive than other types of maps.
I didnt pu enemies in this map cus it was hard enough to make and i have to goet off the computer.

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not AWFUL, but there certainly is room for improvements. The Bad: the beginning is rather strange and awkward. In many situations, the trap doors launched you not far enough, or not at all. The Good: you didn't spam (too many)launchpads as most do. Overall 3/5. Remember, 3 is "above average" don't get discouraged like I did, 3 isn't something to get upset about, keep working at it! :)
beginning, you have to move.


adding on to that, this DDA may launch you in a random area each try
well now you read and saw my demo make sure I actually dont have to do anything but I won't rate yet. i'll let you improve this and then i'll check back
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sorry about the spelling