Castlevania 4 Level 4: A Septic Man

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags action author:wordblamcreator cv4 rated rcd speed wbc
Created 2010-03-16
Last Modified 2010-03-24
by 5 people.
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Description Nathan met his host outside the mansion. A jeep was waiting there, and Arikado signaled him to get in.

Nathan entered the vehical, he waited for his 'employer' to say something, but the dark haired man said nothing.

Arikado shut the door and nodded to the driver. The jeep sped off with a roar.

Shanoa walked up from behind him. "Don't you think your should have told him about yourself?"

Arikado shook his head, "Would you have accepted work from me if you knew my identity way back then?"

The mansion had disappeared from Nathan's sight, and the man in the trench coat beside him with drew some papers, he handed these to Nathan.

Nathan glaced through, the content was mainly about injury's or death, and what compensation his family (not that he had any) would receive if he was impared. He signed them with the shake hand writing the bumpy road gave him.

The trench coated smile, "Good, now we'll be dropping you off in a forest, after than head east you'll have to cross a lake, across that and there's a set of cliffs and then you'll find a small hill, find a way into it and you'll meet your contact." The man shrugged, "Sorry, but that's all I can tell you."

The car eventually stopped, and Nathan stepped out. There was the smell of a sewer around the place.

First demo under 999 frames - RCD
First demo with both crosses gathered - DED
First generic demo - "Surpise"

Anyway kind like the VER style for the outside, except.. not quite cave-y. But please remember to rate, comment, and post demos. THANKS :)

Dedicated to - Aerodynamic

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nice one. Only complaints are that that one mine could be a tad more visible and the gauss room was somehow not as good as it could have been. not sure why, though.
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But, its 'vehicle', and shouldn't it be 'Castlevania 4 Level 4: A Septic Man'?

Anyway, a generic demo, Im a terrible cliff-climber xP
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Demo Data

My name's Nathan :P


does not count as prize demo.
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