I Don't Read Script, Script Reads Me

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Author shortshift
Tags action author:shortshift featured rated retile script
Created 2010-03-18
Last Modified 2010-03-18
by 12 people.
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Description Retile with script []!

This map was featured on 2011-07-06

You awake underwater.
You see fish, and your old neighbour who lived in a pineapple.
You enter the local fast food restaurant, but before you can eat, a tiny green creature kills you with his laser gun...

You awake in the mountains.
Sheer drops and difficult climbs lie all around. You are alone, but you know people are watching you. Carefully, you pick your way through the rocks.

There is no way to tell if you are awake or not, and the only way to decide for sure is death... this is more than just Inception.

This is torture. — ChrisE

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I love retiles.
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In soviet Russia,

script retiles shortshift


I'm curious, what does that make script?


God I'm rusty...

I have no strong feeling about this map.

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is a sex-making map prophet from outer space, and sometimes he exposes his naked body to numa for us to cum with a force great enough to shatter diamonds in a single load
But when I do, I collaborate with it.

beautiful stuff

I love maps where I don't die in the first 8 seconds. Perfect difficulty from my fav author, 5/5 baby.

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Also, why has nobody seen this ;-;


Soviet Russia

was the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw this.


No wait.


um what is a "map" lol
with what you had to work with
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this is a good map

i like it!

This is great fun.

The last part is so hard to get right, and then there's the rocket. D:
Lots of little jump puzzles here and there that really made this jump out. Faved.

In Soviet Russia

read scripts you.

In Soviet Russia

script reads /you/.


i fail .. AGD-death

i thought this was pretty entertaining. relaxing. :D i can beat it; i don't have time though. darn trigonometry!
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