Castlevania 4 Level 5: Neptune's Moon

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags action author:wordblamcreator cv4 medium rcd unrated wbc
Created 2010-03-19
Last Modified 2010-03-24
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Nathan skampered up the cliff. The climb was rugged and the many jagged rocks. The warnings rung in his mind.

"Then you'll cross a lake..." Nathan said echoing the man's voice. "Well... where is this lake? HOLY-!" he stumbled back away from the edge of a vicious cliff.

Below, light by the moonlight was a churning storm-raught lake.

First without disturbing the drones - DED
First demo with both crosses gathered - RCD

Getting more creative with the prizes... Anyway I plan on making most of these early levels display concepts which will prevade in the later ones. Anyway, don't forget to rate, comment, and post demos. THANKS :)

Dedicated to: FusionCoil

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the rocket mechanic was clever, imo

Between letters, _
A = 1
B = II
C = E
D = 1S
E = 3
F = G
G = T
H = A
I = IX
J = 10
K = 11
L = 1II
M = 1E
N = 11S
O = 1S
P = 1G
Q = 1T
R = 1A
S = 19
T = X
U = II1
X = II1S
1 = A
2 = B
3 = C
4 = D
5 = E
6 = F
7 = G
8 = H
9 = I
0 = 0

I call it Magnis Script. It sounded catchy :P

I don't know

I'm not usually on the computer.

oh yeah,

and is this level 4 or 5? I'm confused with that, sorry.


i liked the concepts here. theming was pretty sweet as well, imo. That rocket seemed a bit inconsistent at times. I mean, I would always just run straight in and jump up past it, but that wouldn't always work. But that's just the way I did it so I really don't know. Oh, you also asked for comments on the story a few maps back... It's alright so far, though I don't really understand why Lord Arikado had to pretend like Nathan was trying to kill him. Surely he could just let him out, secretly if necessary? Or was it like a test? Grammar could use some work, too.
Demo Data

And no drones!

I wasn't expecting to get this one at all...

Demo Data

All crosses.

Trying for the other one...

My most recent map, please ! =D
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