Call me...NOW!!! (edited)

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Author ultimatereading
Tags amazing author:ultimatereading rated worthy
Created 2010-03-20
Last Modified 2010-03-20
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Best map so far by a long long way!!!! ded to Jawbit and ZTHING my two best friends on this site. Please RCE!!!! I can't believe how much I like this map its my favourite map ever!! and guess what now its possible go for the gold!!!!

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Why dont you have a feature?

oh wow

sorry I missed this a while ago...pop back every once in a while, will ya?



I dunno

I spending a lot more time with my girl

Ditto to sunset.

We want you back. To be truthfully honest, I only very recently started playing your maps. Don't stop now!

make more maps

make more maps
make more
and more
unless you're working on a map pack, then you can keep the absense.
and you still haven't even checked the e-mail :P so check your PMs.

Played it.

Beat it. Had fun. I love your maps, man.
Could you do the same with this one? XD

Epic map

like you said, it was fabulous. i like the mechanics of it a lot.

Thanks for commenting on my new map! I'm RCE-ing a map by every commenter.
Demo Data

this is pretty cool

simple but still kinda challenging. your maps are getting way better i like playing them a lot. 4/5

i am working on my 100th which is a race i was wondering if you would like to play test?