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Author Arctic_Pony
Tags action author:arctic_pony featured playable rated
Created 2010-03-20
Last Modified 2010-03-20
by 30 people.
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Description resub: slightly edited and took out the tiles, i really like this. my advice is to take your time and manipulate the rocket, and not just rush to where you need to be going. have fun :D

This map was featured on 2011-04-21

Dangeresque is a two parter map from Arctic_Pony's archives, and they both create different challenges. Rising to the top makes me feel caught in the moment, while making sure I grab all the gold on the way up. Going back down is much more challenging, but you have trap doors to help you on your quest, both to allow passage downwards as well as acting as rocket killers. I might not be able to figure out which side is my favorite, but on the whole I realize it does not matter, because it is all fantastic. — im_bad_at_N

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too much for me, as usual with your maps; but a stellar implementation of an excellent concept. gorgeous
you are one hell of a mapper and player

Looking good AP

This is a lot of fun. Perfect object placement :)

Looking forwards to your new maps, hit me up when you start up again.

PS. Hehehe 'dangeresque'... that brings me back.


@ marcjung

It's brilliant.
It's a love/hate thing.
I can't beat it.
I love it.
I hate it.


thanks for the comment marcjung!!
nothing against you, but that did not level me so pleased. Nevertheless, maybe you do at some point a better level! XD

i remember

playing this map wen it came out. its still awesome and a joy to play.

I agree

this kid is a double threat! Player and map maker. Everything is in it's right place here. Perfection.

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Demo Data

ok yeah

awesome map. really great feature!

Oh no I didn't see

Life's comment.

i didn't like this


the gameplay just wasn't fun to me.


Amazing map from an amazing player!

70 frames faster than the fastest agd :D
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Took up Sen's challenge on IRC :)
Demo Data

Much better agd

Still quite sloppy though.
Demo Data


This is really slow but it looks like the fastest o_O
Demo Data

whoa :o

thanks iban <3

man, looking back at my older maps, they were so hit or miss, mostly miss :P but i did like this one, thanks for playing and commenting everyone :)

also i plan on mapping again once the semester is over, which will be in three weeks :)


one of your first ones I ever played. Congrats.

I remember this :D congrats on the feature!!
I think it's time you make a new map ArPo


Ah yes very nice concept.


good choice iban
your dream is fulfilled godless
the idea and the concept is great arctic
and the execution of the concept is more great arctic

Awesome idea!


This is the next map of yours that I would feature.


really slow, liked it.
Demo Data

I like her.

Rocket dodging fun

I like

Great concept. However my N abilities are far too low to avoid the friggin' rocket... that is to say I've not completed this map.

AGD Fail

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Damn. Awesome concept. Faved.


agreed, thats mostly where my advice pertained too. glad you liked it :)