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Author sonicdeath
Tags action author:sonicdeath featured lemonade rated
Created 2010-03-23
Last Modified 2010-03-23
by 17 people.
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Description my first time, be gentle.

This map was featured on 2011-01-04

Did we ever figure out who sonicdeath was? I don't really keep track of these things. I mean, it's obviously not actually his first time, be gentle. Whatever. It doesn't matter when you're playing the map, which is the thing to be doing here. I absolutely adore the structure of this. It's got that whole fortress/base thing going on, but without way too many drones. In fact, the real threat is all in the rockets. There's only two of them, but they nonetheless manage to cover a huge swath of the map. I've pulled some pretty sick dodgings on this. — gloomp


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Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Telling somebody to spend more time mapping and less time alienating NUMA users is one thing, saying to somebody "you're obviously not very intelligent" is another.

I also fail to see the irony, but I've said my piece and won't deign to continue an internet argument like this.
seeing that I was attacked by him first, going so far as to tell me to polish my mapping skills. I dont feel that I did anything wrong!

I need to do something before I get fired. :X
It shouldn't even matter whether he has more than one account to you, as you're not an admin. Let the staff take care of it.
I was just saying you should spend time being less of a prick regardless of whether you're right or wrong. Also, insulting my "intelligence" makes you look like even more of a jerk. I don't hate you, I just don't like what you insist on spending time doing.

I'm with Kuri here.

But there is a fine line between good mapping and multiaccounting.
mahi_mahi: bad choice of map to have a swipe at another NUMA user. :/



once again

stop it
when you realise its rocket_thumped and not, in fact, a new author.


artistolipto it was a joke and i made that comment a long time ago. you're obviously not very intelligent
He's adding good maps to to the archive! Mahi_mahi should spend more time perfecting his mapping skills rather than alienating every newcomer that shows signs of becoming a great mapper. That goes for everyone else that finds some sort of pleasure in scaring away new users! It's not clever!


I like the simplicity of the map, and the map is well made. I like the fact there are only two rockets and one drone.

One of my favourites - 4.5

piece of shit agd

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Near perfect map for me.

gloomp obviously. I mean, his whole post-modernity was obviously just a farce.

-Jol- obviously

Really fun map

Just great. 5/5

This map is classy.

Love playing these, reminds me of some of my favourite metanet levels.
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mintnut obviously.

Nice map.

Congrats on the feature. 4/5 and faved.

rocket_thumped obviously.

rocket_thumped obviously.

nice feature gloomp

well made 4.


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Here's a demo.

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Cool map!

Also that review is cool too.


It's not me if you're being serious; I was just coming here to be all cynical, too.

Definitely not a new guy, I'll bet my archive on it. ;)
Pretty nice aesthetics and very good gameplay, especially for a first... A little more atmosphere would be cool, but that'll come with the time :]


Really nice map you've got going here. The tiles are really good, and suit the gameplay perfectly. Rockets are fantastic, and that thwump was really nice too. I liked how an all gold demo flowed really nicely at some parts. There's really nothing in this map that I found bad. Great first map!

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good fun and fairly hard to get a clean run with those rockets! 4
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