Cottage In The Clouds

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Author Riobe
Tags action author:riobe fun medium playable rated relics
Created 2010-03-24
Last Modified 2010-03-24
by 33 people.
Map Data

Description I posted this map for a few reasons:


1. To the guy that's sniped my last 60 or so maps: nice persistance, but you know, I've got more to worry about that 2 ninja averages on a map on a site that I don't really pay attention to anymore.

2. I probably won't map as much, and thus, that mappack that I mentioned before (and that this map is from) probably won't be released for a long time).

3. hello

That is all, you may move on with your daily lives. (not to think that you actually stopped and played / commented on / rated this map anyway.)

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You alright?


its funny 'cause it's true :D


And I'll give it a full 5. Gameplay didn't disappoint the stunning and gorgeous looks of this map.

the tileset is for sure fantastic, but the gameplay couldn't enthuse me too much. Mines + Turrets gets a bit repetitive after a while.

Anyways, it feels adventurous and likable. Have a strong 4.

Your maps are better

Very pretty.

That can't be denied.


your the best mapper here imo. "Thar she be..." is perhaps one of my favorites made by you, but all of your maps have awesomeness written all over it.

Looks kind of nice.

Perhaps overly crowded. I didn't think it played that well... There just wasn't much to it!
It's clever, complicated, brilliant.

And too long and complex for my taste to get the 5. You'll have to do with a 4 from me :#

3. hello

3.3. h3. helloello 3. hell3. helloo. hello3. 3. hello3. he3. hellollohello3. hello3. hello3. hello3. hel3. he3. hellollolo3. hello33. hello. 3. hello3. hellohello
or is it not that big of a deal?

by the way, this map is killer.
I'm envious of Riobe's mapping skills.


so much so that it was worth using all caps.
Really reminds me of Kingdom Hearts 2 with the climb up to the house in the Nighmare before Christmas world.
pure awesome, worth a feature IMO.
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numa sucks now

i wonder

who the hell would do that. u hve been one of my favs

solid map

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Can you tell your sniper to snipe me? Those 60 ratings sound sexy.


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Demo Data

hey Riobe

I just wanted to actually stop my life and play / comment on / rate this map of yours.

okay I'm done, carry on.


Ehh, probably pakwan. You get used to it after a bit. . .





nice map.


<3 <3 <3




Most likely more.

Don't feel bothered enough to count >_>

Last 60?

Damn that's tenacious.