General Stoneabs

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Author maxson924
Tags action author:maxson924 featured general-stoneabs unrated
Created 2010-03-24
Last Modified 2010-03-24
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Description on the rocks

This map was featured on 2010-05-05

Rocks are falling, stones are tumbling, boulders are dropping, but the army isn't afraid. They have General Stoneabs, after all, he is a troll. He crushes platoons and throws tanks. Unfortunately for you, he isn't on your side.


Brace yourself, the army is coming.


And fleeing is not an option. — ChrisE

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Another sign that you are cool. I think.

It's ME!!!!

Wow haven't been on here in forever. Saw your message. Just thought I'd say hi back ^_^ Nice map btw ^_^ and FEATURED!!! lol since when did that happen ^_^

amazing amazing amazing amazing awesome and i loved it.

it flows it goes it looks it yes


and stuff...
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Demo Data

oh ooh

what fucking is this
but whatever...

gz maxson

plays very well.


Fun map, cool review. 4
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actually pretty good


Thanks ChrisE <3

I like this.

really feels like an attack to me.

Pretty cool map.

A little unflowy at points, but generally good. Worthy of the feature I reckon


This is amazing, favorite map + review in a while. 5/5

its nice
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No it's cool dude.

I missed my spot again, my own fault. :p


Chris. :o


Fine with me.
Reminds me of Queenside. I loved that one too.