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Author Popular_Mapper
Tags anuma author:popular_mapper featured rated
Created 2010-03-25
Last Modified 2010-03-25
by 64 people.
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Description Using a preconstructed database of pooled knowledge harvested from notable authors on NUMA we have created this map. The gold has been perfectly arranged into a pleasing pattern and the tiles are designed to evoke a soothing response from the organic player experiencing this map.

This map was featured on 2010-03-25

Hello NUMA. The health and well-being of our organic userbase is very important to us. A little discomfort is to be expected, but ultimately We hope you will all recognize the need for such drastic modifications. However, We are familiar with the human concept of "fairness" and as such will be using this Featured Map as a place for you all to discuss these new changes. It should be noted that we are also familiar with the human concept of "domination" and as such the chances of your suggestions and complaints being heard is little to none. — Willing_Reviewer


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Demo Data

This confuses me so much...
The execution needed a little work, but I thought it was great. I thought the false bots were entertaining as well.

best yet?
Demo Data



Thank you for your future donation to the Machine Cause.

It wasn't a donation.


guys need lives...
Chaostar. :/

By the way...

The real 'bots' have customtitles. So far theres only four, but yeah. Look out for the customtitles ;D

I love

is watching you....

I've read 1984 too.

Now quit making fun of me.
But I though it'd be fun to reference it anyway.

squibbles, I agree

I've read the book and I've been kind of ignoring all the 1984 shit :p

Hey, squibbles.

Just letting you know you dived in without really reading the "thread." :p

I mentioned 1984 about three pages ago because I thought that the custom titles of the bots should have made some allusions. They didn't. Everyone else began going on about 1984 for reasons I can't explain.

That is all.
"Nah, that'd remove the fun from the scallywagery. :/"
I meant to say:
Southpaw is retarted if he is involved. He should've said something by now.



It is obviously not a bot.



That isn't really important. It's obvious that Southpaw is involved. :|

I'm pretty sure that's intentional. It is treating it as a noun, implying collective intelligence.

Same as above, and no, not a bot.

Mummy and Daddy. :3

No, that's stupid. ATOB doesn't want to be admin. He stepped down. I'm also pretty sure you are also the only person who seems to think Southpaw is worse than ATOB. logic.

Some comments

Sunset just got owned by a bot.
That is, if it is a bot.

Southpaw is retarted if he is involved. He gantlet said anything yet.
It seems moderators before haven't posted for while like 179 and whatever.

GTM said on one of my forum posts that the(GTM and southpaw) are Doing something very unusual on numa.

The reviewer put the w in we in capital.
Bot failure.

Who programmed it anyway?

ATOB back as admin.

If the bot deletes this comment, it is therefore southpaw doing some retarted shit.

And yes,

I am aware of how pretentious I look right now. I'm cool with it, but feel free to continue telling me how unbelievably unpleasant my attitude is. :)
"NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR!!!111!". I sincerely doubt that all the people who have been alluding to the likeness have actually read the book, if any. :|

Why do I say this? Because I can not at all see how this is in any way similar to 1984, at least not any more than any other piece of literature set in some kind of dystopia.

If anything, this is more like Brave New World. I don't know what you guys are doing attempting to evoke Orwellian imagery, because it's just plain wrong. :/


i mean transmission finish and transmission end


i'll just hide in my corner of shame now. oh the irony vvv


it said Transmission End /AND/ Transmission Failure



I think the server's down.


So does "radiumistranssexual". Do I have a clone?

I tried to make Fag_bot to be subtly ironic, but someone already had. So who on this site thinks like -me-?
But I'm 85% sure Honest_Moderator is related to GLaDoS.


"your weak earthbound form." So, they're alien robots? Awesome!!

I am sorry to be disobaying direct orders but protocol 1788x1400c3 stats that My department is and should be listed in official terms.


This is so great
Re: Honest_Moderator
Message: "If you do not have One Hundred Human Dollars We would prefer the payment to be in the form of your brain..."
I am now on board with this transition.
of the humans having less capability of humor than the machines?
so i can give it an accurate rating. agd around the 5th try. actually not a bad map, just around average though: 2.5/5 down. There needs to be an "average" number. =/
Demo Data


Demo Data

I like this.

This is a part of NUMA history now.
I'll make a note here.


Re: Sunset
Message: "hundred bucks this doesn't last a week"

We have studied the popular Human activity known as "gambling" and, as nearly omnipresent beings capable of more than five billion calculations per second, it is safe to say that We will challenge you on that bet.

Our projected domination of NUMA extends well past 168 consecutive hours (with a margin of error of less than .001%) and so, to use a human term We "challenge you to a throw down".

If you do not have One Hundred Human Dollars We would prefer the payment to be in the form of your brain so that We may conduct further testing on your weak earthbound form.

Furthermore, it is as this point that We would wish you good luck if not for the fact that luck has nothing to do with your imminent defeat. Thank you for your future donation to the Machine Cause.