Bayonette Bay

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Author aerodynamic
Tags action author:aerodynamic fun playable puzzle tilewars unrated
Created 2010-03-26
Last Modified 2010-03-26
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Yes, I know it's spelled "bayonet." For Tilewars. [] I decided to bend the rules as much as possible. Oh, and this is also a psychological study to see how many people are bothered by that one piece of gold :P

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AT ALL looks at my map. So I resub, so I can get criticism.


the only gold I was questioning was the top-right (because there's a lot), but I left it because it's gobbled up easily and enjoyably enough, imo. (I also like its look in thumb)
Demo Data

it would be better

if that one piece of gold was the only piece of gold in this map

thanks! :D

now if only I were the best... :P No, joking, I'm not too fussed about that; I'll take unique any day. But in fairness this one-ways-around-tiles idea has definitely been done before... to some extent.

You're probabaly

the most unique mapper I know