I Am the Night Sky

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Author Losttortuga
Tags author:losttortuga rated tileset
Created 2010-03-28
Last Modified 2010-03-28
by 22 people.
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Description This isn't actually my 200th but shhhh don't tell anyone.

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i love the tiles. i love them.

let me buy them.


are your tiles always so awesome

that is excellent work, my friend.

so perfect, i saw this in someones favorites and just thought, no one can do tiles like that besides lost

Very nice.

Kinda a blend of the older and newer Lost tileset styles. The product is great.


good shit, mane.

sorry man

Well i came back in a moment of weakness
and i was going to relist all my maps because that was a mean thing to do :(

BUT my profile page is broken i guess? so i can't even reach it. all i get is a blank page. Sorry.



/really/ great!


I have no clue how you all do tilesets so well. This looks just amazing. :D
i used to be like that

not your best

I dont like the stand-alone E tiles you're throwing in everywhere. They're not poetically dispersed >:|

damn man

every time i see your tilesets i fall in love with them 5/5

kthis is way cool.

5'd it earlier, forgot to fave.
you've become my favorite tileset maker on NUMA.

Faved in a <3beat.

Pulled out all the stops.

I hope the moon gets stuck in your nose.


We really need to get that old map pack started up again! :)



And it surprises you if you don't view the thumbnail and load it in the Neditor