I Heart Revolution

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Tags author:ndeavour birthday heart life247 n-art rated
Created 2010-03-29
Last Modified 2010-03-29
by 66 people.
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Description Happy Nineteenth Birthday Matthew James McNaughton! (Life247)

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You're amazing

You really are...

It sucks! So i rated 5.

What? 0 is not the best rate?

shit this is good

awesome 5aved




Your friends. Haha.

And... Relisted because it has dropped off top. :D


Why did you delist? N-arts deserve all of its time at the top, not just some of it D=

Delisted because it has had it's time at the top. Will relist in a day or so. :)

U dun good

5d fo sho
My 100th is ready, so i will be posting it soon but i want to know the queue for the narts so i dont post prematurely.
Any help would be good =]


it's by such a minuscule amount that it can simply be chalked up to the fact that this is a piece of art, not a photo.

faved. I rarely rate n-arts, but this deserves a 5.

If I knew that

The N-art you said you made when mine came out was for Life's b-day I would have said post it. Soo sorry you had to wait =(

That's one crazy good N-art though. Neat job with the shading and the details :D

Real nice


really realistic



Watch out Mrgy05

This is epic. 5

left hand is a wave

A perfect 19 for a (near)-perfect 19 year old. ♥

@ rit0987

yes yes yes xD
For a brilliant mapper, from an awesome mapper.
Awsome work nDEAVOUR, Happy Birthday Life247 You sure are lucky!

This is cool

A couple of the fingers seem a bit off though, but other than that this is well made. 4/5.

Was going to put the same as kaylab ¬¬ ... :P oh well 8/5

dronies shortlist

nuff said


Also happy birthday, life!


Happy bday, Life!
lol jk fantastic map man, truly a great artist. doubt.


it's seriously that good.



O_O nice! happy bday life!

You see right through my pretenses, you look right through my mask. You know just when I need a hug, I never need
to ask.
You show up when I'm lonely, you stay when I'm depressed. All of my rude comments, you shrug away in jest.
You see all of my dark , you see all of my light. You're always by my side, even when I'm not right.
You cheer me when I'm sad, you catch me when I fall. I am Inspired by Life, And I can't rhyme this last line.

Happy 19th Birthday Buddy. ♥ ♥ ♥