Day 10 - Unbound (The Wild Ride)

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Author _destiny^-
Tags 10 author:_destiny^- destiny featured playable race racediary rated
Created 2010-03-29
Last Modified 2014-10-17
by 60 people.
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Description 400th Map!

So here I am in a hospital bed, writing my diary with my right arm rather than my usual left. I feel a lot better than yesterday, but I'm not going to get used to the pain anytime soon. It's amazing how painful an activity itching myself has become. She came to see me today, just for five minutes. At first I felt slightly elated, that she still held me in her heart even when i look like this. That turned out to be false hope. She said that we can't do this anymore, it's too dangerous for us both, or something. Apparantly her brother is some wanna-be mafia, who's way too protective of her. Clearly I'm looking better than I thought, because I never beleived anybody would consider me a threat. So she left, forever. I doubt i'll ever see her again, since my parents want to get me homeschooled after this. I'm not really okay with that, but i'll probably come to terms with it.

Hell, I never even knew her name.

Race of the Year 2010

This map was featured on 2010-10-28

It flows like Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 20 (Movement 3) - the progressive build of the piano to the steps of the ninja's potential demise. Then the strings, walking alongside death - the guns halt and look and the gauss keeps an eye out. It intensifies further: the horns ring to the cyclic motion of your ninja around the curves and the cello's arpeggios run beneath your path to sanctuary. The moment is nigh; the tiles fraught with peril as the orchestra descends in scales to the ninja's final breath, he jumps!

... Only destiny will reveal the outcome.

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This is still great, balance between intuition and clarity of flow is so good
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No flaws in the execution, and it manages to be reasonably exciting even.

Very nice

Though perhaps a bit too erratic at times. But very fast. Love that super-fast past through the bottom left.

20/10. i love it more than last time I played it.
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That 45 degree launchpad at the top left is modified. Try replacing it with a fresh launchpad and see what happens :D

and by agd i meand non-cheated agd

I'm glad I still have the fastest agd on this :]
grats on the dronie!!!!!!!!

Oh and



Demo, although I stuffed up that top bit...
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holy shit lovin this..


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the race map of all race maps I reckon
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Make that two :P

Thanks to everybody who voted for this in the dronies, I love you all! <3

Whaddya know

you got a dronie!

. .
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5/5. Loved it.
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What frets said.

"Intuitive but not overly predictable" is probably the best way to describe this. I was surprised when I completed it on only my second try. Very well-made.


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the best part about race maps is highscoring them ;)
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solid, solid map.
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oh wow.

this is actually really good. I often avoid races like this, the loopy stuff is usually fairly boring, but this is too perfectly constructed, with the flow just confusing enough to keep it interesting, but still stays smooth. And yeah.

like. this was my first demo. It's intuitive. But not overly predictable.
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One of the best races I've played.
And great review too.
sorry hahaha this is more like a Russian joke.
in numa you play the map, in Soviet Russia map plays you... :D

heres the REVIEW!!!




its featured!

Fantastic review.

Way to include such a musical wonder. Thank you, SuperStarDomX_


Invalid's run is ridiculously fast.
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I felt

sorry that i cheated, but it's a magnificent map.

ps. great review

@ destiny (with weird marks) Featured, 400th, and 5 ninjad I assume? Or perhaps ending of the (formerly) 5-star racediary?
Now this map represents three big acheivements for me :D


The flow was very smooth and I never lost it. Excellent review and feature. Congrats destiny.
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...ending reviews with some snappy remark after ellipses is very popular

A good review?

On a feature worthy map?
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Very amazing. The only thing that bugged me was the entrance to the upmost corridor. It felt... not right.


Sub -1000 AGD

I played this maps for hours, and tons of minutes.
I seriously have to say.
Best map I ever played.
The only thing I can say, is that the top right loop was a bit rough and bumpy, other than that, this map is perfect.
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