The Hot Gates

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags 300 author:astheoceansblue unrated
Created 2010-03-30
Last Modified 2010-03-30
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Description The ratings were just to float it so it could be seen, I've switched it with this version now in keeping with my archive.

I also wanted to make a slight aesthetic edit. It doesn't break any demos. Removed the mines under the thuwumps, now there's another shortcut (tricky?) should you wish to ignore the gold and it looks neater.

The delisted version with all the demos and comments can be found here [].

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third go.

Havn't gotten anywhere near that since.
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`cause all the other maps are easy shit.


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i'd play this map, but i've got claustrophobia :P

Maybe. I'm not very good at them which may be why I like this one so much. It's challenging, but not frustrating if that makes much sense. This one was fun because of the puzzle-ish aspect. It's only really *hard* if you can't figure out how to do a certain jump.


Thanks, but you probably need to play more mine jumpers. :p

This is probably my favorite mine-jumper ever. Dang o_o
on a minejumper, great mechanics too. But to be quite honest I expected more.


They used to show, at least I think they did.

Well, a little bit of searching will find this one anyway. So I'm sure it won't cause too much damage.

Previous AGD.

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At least for me,

delisted maps don't show up in the Favorites listing. I guess it doesn't matter anyway, this version isn't any different, and the link to the old one is right there. I'll save this one.

I definitely agree with taking out the mines toward the top.
No it doesn't.

And I wanted to make an edit anyway, it wasn't pointless.
especially the good ones. =(
It seems a little pointless in my eyes to delist it. What harm could a few rating do? It also means that those who faved it will no longer find it.
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A good uproar :)
And just to have a say, I do prefer the improvemnts made in this one. Great work.

I see

A awkward map that was posted that will remain forever buried in the many maps of NUMA


is it going to stay delisted?


Feel free to move your own demos over.
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ninja click win