Target Smash, Level 4

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Author player_03
Tags action author:player_03 nreality objectmod playable playermod rated
Created 2010-03-31
Last Modified 2010-03-31
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description This was always my favorite of Brawl's Target Smash levels, probably because it has no items and focuses on the platforming instead.

Anyway, I remade it in NReality. Getting it to work properly took quite a while, and as a result I no longer feel like making images for it. Sorry.

Fun fact: if you give an exit door a coordinate-based path, it rejects the path, moves both the door and the switch away from where you placed them, and makes the door opening sound whenever the level is loaded or reset.

Edit: Odd. There seems to be a glitch some of the time which will make the exit switches appear too early. You can see an example demo by allen_y in the NReality demos (it will look broken, but that isn't because I changed the map data).

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this is sunset...!
Anyone else who reads this, contact me on the forums and I'll add you as well.

Oh my god

You made that? That game is fun as hell! Well, mind if I be a Beta Tester? Point out some problems, other stuff, etc?
Wow, game developer. Wow. What's the game about, and what genre is it?
Mostly, I have a large-scale game in the works, and I want to get that finished. Plus, I don't have any ideas for N levels at the moment.

Hey dude

Can you post a map? Only this time, make it a non-nreality map. I'd like to see if you can get another map going.



dude that is teh EPYX WIN

Damn that's Fine!

Sandboxed: if you play in NReality [], collecting all the door switches will make exit switches appear.

i no unerstand it

there are lots of door but no key
If you fall down all the way, you die!


this was real fun. I love all the different angles the trigger swithces move, very well done.