02-2 Leonardo da Vinci

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Author Ferox
Tags action author:ferox lotus rated retile script tricky
Created 2010-03-31
Last Modified 2010-03-31
by 5 people.
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Description Retile with Script. [] They should have a dronie award for best retiles.

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do you submit it?

okay... :]

and what's the name of the map?
make some suggestions


a lot harder to make a retile than you think.

i disagree

if you just change the tiles, the map isn't completely yours...because someone else added the objects. so you're really only being half as creative as you would be making a full map. so yeah, it shouldn't be a dronie.


It SERIOUSLY does NOT look like a retile


sniped...again. Who is doing this?!

That was actually quite fun.
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