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Author darkcrusader
Tags action author:darkcrusader beatable gold medium playable unrated
Created 2010-03-31
Last Modified 2010-03-31
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Description Compartments. With stuff in 'em.

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Oooh... I like

Really solid gameplay on this one, especially the gauss and chaingun rooms. Not a big fan of the shafts (I happen to be very inconsistent with my walljump spam), but it's a minor issue.

Also what Zthing said, those tiles are dope.

Map is more a 5 than a 4... but 5+5+2=4. Eh.
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But still,

A 5/5 then a 2/5? What's up with that?

AGD nonetheless

'cause I'm awesome. Cool level, but it's too empty and I don't like how the gold is placed. And I like doing AGDs, so still 2/5.
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Don't snipe me. Please try harder, then come back with an honest rating.
get the gold. 2/5


Really cool tiles. And sure, you can post that data. If you want, you can count it as a collab.
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