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Author N-addict
Tags author:n-addict n-art rated
Created 2005-11-25
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description a N-art and a tileset.

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Shrubbing along anime scaryyyyyyyy Goggles of nothingness! one two three


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go to editor mode,plage you'r cursor on the peice of gold,play the level and move the ninja a bit to right or left and when he's almost stopped moving hit enter it's f****** funny (by the way load this first:526347856298347569273465972834652973452634785629834756927346597283465297345263478562983475692734659728346529734526347856298347569273465972834652973452634785629834756927346597283465297345263478562983475692734659728346529734 5263478562983475692734659728346529734526347856298347569273465972834652973452634785629834756927346597283465297345263478562983475692734659728346529734526347856298347569273465972834652973452634785629834756927346597283465297345263478562983475692734659728346529734526347856298347569273465972834652973452634785629834756927346597283465297345263478562983475692734659728346529734526347856298347569273465972834652973452634785629834756927346597283465297345263478562983475692734659728346529734526347856|5^84,408!0^64,307,LOL!!!!!)


Just make a level out of it pleaseeeeeeeeeee
it is a lot easier to see the pattern
I don't care if there is a patern or not, you would get the same kind of thing if I randomly typed stuff into the map data box. There is not really any art involved and there is no way you could make a level out of this.


evaluator. if you notice there is a pattern. just look closely.


This looks like you randomly drug random tiles across it, then added a ninja and called it a map. Its not artistic at all, and would probbaly be very hard to make a map that was even remotly playable.

cool cool...

defenitly cool