4-7; Into The Lion’s Den

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Author hoohah2x2sday
Tags action author:hoohah2x2sday gallimaufry hooha playable rated
Created 2010-04-02
Last Modified 2010-04-02
by 5 people.
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Tile structure is real nice. decent gameplay.


4-7 and 4-8 are awesome. I'm going to fave both.

It was so perfect. GARRRGH!
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didn't know you left, but glad you're back :] great map, very fun
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I rmemeber you

Cool map, don't like going into the chain room :/

Hey all,

I'm incredibly sorry for my un-announced, pretty much random, absence. I've been very busy at home with my school work and have been going through a bit of a crazy social life recently..but for now, I'm back :D Hope you're all glad to see me...if you can remember who I am ;)